Friday, October 13, 2006

My favorite FO (response to SP9 question)

My SP Hostess, Lorinda, asked what FO I like the best or am proudest of. Not having a large number of FOs to my name, I did look through my mini-collection. Granted, I will say that I am probably most proudest of my dye projects since it's harder for me to capture my mood and express it in color but since those aren't FO's, strictly speaking...

My favorite FO are my first pair of fuzzy feet that I made for someone I adore. It was especially fun to do they are completely unique. I dyed the yarn for him, tackled a new pattern, and the gift is appreciated and worn as much as I had hoped.

I overdyed some camel tan Lamb's Pride into some rich, redwood colors: gold, pine, chestnut and red. G tends to be pretty conservative with color, but this fits his personality well.

The pattern knit up easily and it gave me a chance to improve my sock skills. And the colors were so pretty I'd have to stop every few rows to admire them. About halfway through I started thinking about wearing them myself if he didn't like them (which he overheard me muttering and but a stop of THAT line of thinking: he likes them!)

Best of all... he loves them! Since he didn't actually express any interest in slippers before I announced I would make him these, I thought he would maybe wear them once or twice a year to be polite, but on cold nights, he's quick to pull them out.

And the success with this FO has led me to make a pair for a dear friend who's birthday is rapidly approaching! I dyed her yarn a gorgeous colorway... sort of berrylicious. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and should be done tomorrow, which is just barely in time to mail them off!

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KnicKnac said...

Oh my, your dyed yarns are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I have not tried dying my own yarns yet, not brave enough, but yours are spectaculor!