Monday, October 16, 2006

A sense of accomplishment

My berrylicious fuzzy feet are done and shipped off to their owner-to-be. I forgot to include directions so she'll get an email with directions on how to felt them down so they custom fit her feet. Otherwise, she will think I sent her the biggest socks in the world, as my sister did when I proudly showed her my work in progress.
Also made: one super snuggly hat for Dulaan 2007, made of double stranded worsted weight yarn (orange: hand dyed wool, green: dyed Lamb's Pride courtesy of my Secret Pal 8 spoiler, BJ) I just used a simple hat pattern.

I also received this lovely yarn today, it's the new super sport from Lisa Souza. What amazing colors!! It's so incredibly soft, I can't wait to knit it up.

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kmkat said...

Cool -- that is a Packer hat! (Can you tell I live in Wisconsin?) Even so, the colors are lovely.