Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My latest dye jobs :)

I debated on whether to post these or not, as I might be using them for gift knitting. But I'm so pleased with the outcome that I will just be extra careful with what I say.

Last weekend, I handpainted two skeins of sock yarn. I will say the oceany one had me worried about halfway through... just was not sure how the colors were going to look but I am happy with it now.

I'll be casting on one of these this weekend, just to see how the colors look when knitted up. I just can't decide which one to cast on.

In other news... I have been matched for SP! Let the fun begin!!!


Anonymous said...

That sock yarn looks amazing!
-Secret Pal

k said...

Thank you!! My problem is that right now, I am having so much fun dyeing that I need to figure out how to knit faster.

catsmommy said...

Hi Karen - the two skeins of yarn that you hand painted are beautiful.


aka catsmommy

k said...

Thank you, Bernie!