Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mail Love!

I have been dragging just a bit, fighting off a cold. I came home early today to rest, and came before the mailman did. So it was a complete surprise to wake up and find a package waiting for me from my spoilee from SP8 for my birthday!

Our kitchen is a soft cornflower blue with lots of white trim and this dishcloth matches it perfectly!! She put in the sweetest card and the yarn... oh my... She purchased it on a recent trip and it is so soft with such beautiful colors of yellows, periwinkles and corals. I adore it. I will have to find just the right project for this. Thank you!!!

I finished my second Dulaan hat last night. It's slightly smaller than the first. Double stranded Lamb's Pride makes a very thick hat, and I like how bright this one came out too.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Well you now have a dishcloth to match mine! I didn't know your kitchen was cornflower blue! Mine is periwinkle! How majorly cool!

Share the pattern for the hat? I am thinking that might be something good to make with some of my merino style wool (which I love - it's soft, thick when double stranded and warm!). There is a project going here for the local homeless center.


k said...

I loved the package! The yarn is so pretty, I kept it out in plain view so it would cheer up my sick day :)

Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

Love the colours in the hats!! I think everyone should make them... Lots of them...

Aren't presents in the mail a wonderful way to perk up your day?

k said...

yes, they definitely are!