Thursday, October 26, 2006

More mail love!!!

Today I went into work, only to be sent to the doctor and come home with a verdict of bronchitis. My cough suppressant is making me very sleepy so I am all curled up under my comforter with the Brat Pack True Hollywood Story, knitting away at my socks and trying not to nod off like I did about an hour ago. That Rob Lowe was so cute in St Elmo's Fire!

My Sockret Pal sent me a fabulous package for my birthday. S/he's already been so generous to me, and this was so sweet of my pal to send. Thank you, Sockret Pal!!

Inside was Apple Creamed Honey which I've never heard of but I gave it a taste test... delish!!! I'm already planning some biscuits tomorrow to enjoy. And there was some wonderful citrus spice homemade soap which made me immediately want to run a warm bath, give that a test run too. And there was... Socks That Rock in a very pretty, springy colorway called Watermelon Tourmaline. This made me catch my breath.

One of the first things I heard of when I started learning to knit was Socks That Rock. It made me wish I lived in a more populated area where I could go see their yarns in person... to give them a test squeeze, so to speak. I just never thought I would ever get the hang of socks, and definitely not be able to make socks worthy of a skein of STR yarn. I'm still practicing on inexpensive sock yarns as I am learning, but once I finish up the current sets I'm making, along with the extra practice I had on the fuzzy feet, I'm ready to try out one of the nicer yarns.

Thank you, Pal, so very much!! Between this and the lovely package I received yesterday from my SP8 Spoilee, I am one very lucky knitter. Thank you.

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