Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Berry-licious Fuzzy Feet

Making some progress on the birthday fuzzy feet for d. The cuff seems to match pretty well, considering its a completely different yarn and dye process performed two weeks after the first batch.

It really reminds me of berries... raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries.... (what is boysenberry, anyway? For the longest time I kept thinking that was just a flavored syrup IHOP made up)

Anyway I'm really pleased with it so far and I hope she loves the final product!

And my little bit of stress for today....
All it takes is a minute for me to be distracted with a ringing phone, and she pounces.

Guess who thinks cashmere is a playtoy??

Why, why WHY doesn't she like scrap yarn or the cotton I use for the washcloths??

Luckily, I saw her going for it out of the corner of my eye, and made a quick save. It's now sealed back up and locked far away with the rest of my Gypsy-free stash.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

How beautiful! And don't worry about Gypsy... I hear all dogs have a touch of cat and vice versa. When I had cats I taught them to stay away from yarn and me when I was using it by a series of glares, pushes away and loud "NO"s. That worked for counters, too. Gee... now you've reminded me that I love knitting at home with no pets. Lonely but safe. Yucky, eh? (I'll visit Amy... her dog loves me and my knitting!)

Brooke said...

Don't forget the schnoz-berries! *grin* j/k- I loooove the colors! Gorgeous! I just happened upon your sight and just had to leave a comment for you- Hope you're having fun with your Swap so far!

Flavio83 said...

Gosh, I LOVE that yarn! it's so... berry-licious! Incredible!


k said...

Thank you! I'm really proud of the colors- one of my first attempts at dyeing and it came out exactly how I wanted it!