Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I won a contest at Jody's blog in honor of her 100th post! She's put together some wonderful goodies (including Mexican Jumping Beans!) What an unexpected surprise! Thank you, Jody!

I love talking with G- he makes me laugh like no one else. We were talking last night after leaving a restaurant. I was really fuzzy from meds, and tired from being back at work before I was 100% better... so I wasn't thinking all that clearly. We see a woman walking in with a man: she is talking on her cell phone and the man is twirling his keys around on his finger, and wearing saddle shoes which struck me as a little odd.

G: Hey its Doc Holliday!

Me: What do you mean? Doc Holliday didn't wear saddle shoes.

G: No no. He's twirling his keys like a tin cup.

Me: I was talking about his shoes. Did you see them?

G: Don't you remember the movie? You know... "I'm your pumpernickel"?

Me: . . .

Me: What are you talking about? Did you say pumpernickel?

G: Yeah. Doc Holliday, in the movie... you know (said in a way that implied maybe I should see the movie again)

Me: . . .

Me: That's "I'm your huckleberry." (starts laughing)

G: Whatever.

On the knitting front, I've been stumped on my Dulaan children's socks. I'm used to working from the pattern that came with my DVD on how to knit socks and while I found a pattern to do child socks, suddenly it said to do whatever kind of heel I wanted. How many rows?? I know I can do a heel flap but have no idea how large to make it, and have no children to test out various heel sizes on.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh wow, like that is one of my favorite movies! Nobody quite like Val Kilmer! Please don't ever make me choose between him and Kiefer Sutherland!

I'm not ready for socks yet... I admire you! Ask people you work with who have children about the age you're knitting for if they'd ask their child to help you with a charity project. Bet the parent will enjoy an opportunity to teach their child that charity begins at home. And if the child knows that s/he is helping another less fortunate child, bet it makes *everybody* feel good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can help you with that stump-age!
When you make a heel flap, no matter how wide it is (usually half of the stitches of your entire sock), make it as long as it is wide, so it ends up being a square. Then pick up the stitches plus a few on the edges.
If you want to try something new, try a short row heel. I like them when I don't want to deal with picking up stitches, which is often.
Laura, or Cosmic Pluto, wrote a great tutorial, and I'm sure you can find others.
Good luck!
(and I swear, the package goes out tomorrow!)
-Secret Pal

k said...

I loved Val Kilmer in Tombstone, too! Thanks for the idea, I'm trying to locate some children's feet at work :)


Thank you for the tip, Secret Pal! I will try using that as a rough estimate so when I do find a model, they will have something to try on. I like the look of the short row heels but have not tried it yet. I'll go check out that tutorial! Thanks!

Darby said...

LOL on G! BTW I have nicely felted right-sized socks! I will take a picture of them tonight after we get back from our photoshoot. Thank you so much for them...they are so beautiful it is hard for me to even put them on my feet because they look so pretty that I don't want to ruin them!