Saturday, October 21, 2006

A little bit of progress

I cast on a new sock (it started off as a swatch), but am only letting myself knit a couple of rows when I take study breaks. I'm liking the soft, heather-y ocean colors and subtle variance of tones.

I'd really like to do a bit of dyeing, seeing as how I just received some new dye a couple of days ago and my Sockret Pal kindly sent me some yarn to dye. But I think I am going to save that for my birthday next Saturday. I have already proclaimed the 28th "the day where I will do no homework, nor chores nor anything I think I 'should' do". Only fun and relaxation allowed! And probably a long nap somewhere in the midst of all that fun. Someone at work nicely pointed out that 35 was middle-aged, which instantly made me feel about 30 years older.

One of my breaks today will hopefully be to visit a nearby park and take my Saturday Sky pic and get an hour of fresh air and some exercise. It's sunny and breezy outside and I want to take advantage of it while I can. Next week they are already calling for snow.

After tomorrow night, this semester is done (and two final projects will be submitted) and on Monday, I start my next semester without even a day off! The schedule is grueling but it will let me get my Master's in 18 months while working fulltime. Thank goodness for knitting my stress away!


Anonymous said...

I often wish I was older than I am, but I guess that's normal for a while...
I love the look of that sock yarn!
-Secret Pal

k said...

I have freckles, so I normally look younger than I am. I still don't feel like an adult yet. :)

I love my age... I just was not ready to consider it middle aged! (The same person then told me I was having a mid-life crisis, so I'm not sure they know what they are talking about!)

Thank you for your kind words about the yarn, I'm loving it, too! Can't wait to see how the sock turns out.