Sunday, August 20, 2006


It arrived yesterday. My knitpicks package arrived with some Jacquard dyes, a pair of classical circulars (size 2), and a pack of the Bare sock yarn (I also have some Monty 3/9 sock yarn from Henry's Attic to dye, and wanted to compare the two). Of course, the first thing I wanted to do is set up shop in the kitchen and start dyeing away. Since I've never worked with anything other than KoolAid and I'd like some better color control, I have talked myself into doing a bit more research first.

So yesterday, I picked up Synthrapol, white vinegar, a large stockpot for immersion dyeing, nose/mouth masks, and plastic gloves, plastic measuring spoons, squirt bottles and sponge brushes. I figured out my first two projects: one will be to overdye some Lamb's Pride Bulky from a superpale pale green-grey to a deep teal (to be the bottom of a pair of felted clogs, with the top part being a seafoam -lighter teal-color). The second one will be to transform tan Lamb's Pride into a more interesting, richer color for a pair of fuzzy feet. I have chestnut dye, as well as red.

So it should be an interesting afternoon!

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Bagpuss said...

Good Luck, it will interesting to see your results. I have only dyed with Kool-Aid but I do have some 'chemical' dyes with fixes that I will use when I feel brave enough. The good thing about these is that I can dye plant fibres (cotton/rayon etc) as well as animal fibres.