Saturday, August 12, 2006


I saw the package as I was parking my car out front, and assumed it was one of the books I ordered for school. But it wasn't- it was 100 times better!! It was from my SP8 Spoilee, who is an absolutely marvelous woman and friend!

She sent me some beautiful felted bowls she made, and the sweetest card! One bowl was a pretty soft cream with a red/chestnut rim and the other one was a beautiful texture of pink and red with a red rim. One is going to work with me to fill with sugar free candies, and the other one I am putting on my dresser to admire each day.

Thank you soooo much! These are really wonderful. You know I've been wanting to try them but my current projects and long list of future projects have not helped. It will also be great to see how they are supposed to look when I try my hand at making them.

(pictures will follow today, along with my to-be-finished sock that I am determined to finish today! I'm on the home stretch now)


Bagpuss said...

I get exicted about Uni books for about 15 minutes then as soon as i realise I have learn what is in them and not just look at pretty pictures the excitement dies. However, to think i had books and to get pressies - wow what a thrill.

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

If they seem a little too "floppy" for you, don't be afraid to run them in a hot cycle for about 2 minutes and take them out while still agitating (washing). Squeeze out and put over a plastic bowl to shape. They should have a little solidness to them. But I don't like to overfelt. Glad you liked them!

k said...

The bowls are perfect just the way they are!! Thank you!

And yes, definitely better than a textbook!!