Sunday, August 13, 2006

Since someone emailed me to ask... stats on sock

All items from Knitpicks

Yarn: Knitpicks Sock Garden
color Hydrangea
220 yards/one sock

Needles: Classic Circular Needles
Size: 3, length: 24"

Pattern: basic one used in the Knitting Korner Sock 1 DVD
(note: I hated spending $24 on this but it really showed me how to do it, after failing several times to grasp the concepts through online tutorials. If I could have taken a sock class nearby or worked with someone who knows how to knit socks locally, I would not have needed this DVD. But it is wonderful and simple and made the socks a lot of fun).

It took me two weeks but I was only knitting on it occasionally. I could easily see this being much faster (several days) if I was focused.

The yarn I used was from Knitpicks, before they merged their sock yarns into one line (Memories). The sock ended up being very close to one skein of yarn (220 yards). I was starting to worry about that since I only had two skeins total and its no longer for sale. It was looking a little too close for comfort with the end of the skein before I finished up the sock! But luckily, I barely made it and have a few yards leftover for the next sock if needed.

The needles used were the Classic Circular Needle from Knitpicks. I loved these needles- the points were perfect for me and the joins very smooth. I've already purchased a pair of size 2s to try out on the next pair, once I finish my other projects and then the matching sock to this one. I have Denise needles but will probably ask for the Knitpick Options for a future birthday gift. They were really good.

I have two more skeins of inexpensive Knitpicks discontinued sock yarn to work with until I can make sure I have the hang of it. Then I can break out the gorgeous handdyed sockyarn I recently received in the mail, as well as the awesome yarn my SP got me back in June.

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