Sunday, August 20, 2006

Adventures in Dyeing

This time, using Jacquard dyes and specifically overdyeing some Lamb's Pride that I was not that fond of. I used my homemade niddynoddy (out of PVC pipes) to ready the yarn, and then soaked it.

These are the colors I started off with:

Camel Tan (Worsted Weight)
Originally purchased to make an Irish Hiking Scarf, thinking it would be a classic look for G. The color washed him out and was a bit blah.

I considered using it for some fuzzy feet, but wanted to make the yarn a richer, redwood forest-y color.

Here's the end result:
Note- the red is a bit more brick red or even a sienna but the flash went off and somehow it looks orangier than it is. The brown is a bit more deeper, almost a cinnamon color.

And G likes it! Which is good because the slippers will be for him (and normally he is VERY conservative with his colors!)

Here's an update on how it looks, completely dried and wound.


Khaki (Bulky). I was expecting something other than pale greenish grey. It definitely did not match my seafoam upper for the felted clogs I had planned. I was going to purchase some pine green or deep teal color when it occured to me I could overdye it.

End Result (note this is still wet... mine is still drying but looking lighter)

Final picture to come.


Bagpuss said...

Love the teal colour. You look like you have been busy. Its given me the dying bug and I have a cone of undyed dk upstairs and dyes...(eyes glaze over as possibilties occur to her...)Well done.

k said...

Thank you!!! It was a lot of fun and I had to stop myself from hauling out the sock yarn once I found my groove.

That will have to be another day!