Tuesday, August 08, 2006

UFO sighting!

I joined UFO August and here's my list of UFOs.

UFO list:
1. First sock ever (sock two may have to wait)
2. Irish Hiking Scarf
3. Kitty dimsum
4. Bella Scarf
5. two Ballband Washcloths

At least if I can make a dent in this before school starts, I'll be happy! I've got some really cool projects coming up: Nakiska headband, maybe cabled footies from one skein or fuzzy feet from knitty, my so called scarf.


http://staciesadventures.blogspot.com said...

Thanks, Kaylee, for that recommendation earlier this summer. Not only did I send some yarn to Interim House and get to see it knitted up (some of it!), but as you probably know, I won the drawing. I owe it all to you!

k said...

You saw some of it knitted up???
That is wonderful! Congrats to you!

I had a lot of fun putting together the box- and was so glad the funfur found a home where it would be happily used.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylee. I've enjoyed your blog so much. It looks like we are in much the same place in our knitting careers. I'm intrigued that you are knitting your socks on two circulars. This really appeals to me, although I can handle DPNs (clumsily). I've just gone crazy for this hobby/craft/obsession. It's the best therapy. Take care.

k said...

Thank you :)

I tried the DPNs several times but my stitches would always twist. It ended up making me frustrated, and I was worried the two circulars would be the same, but I got it right the first time! I highly recommend it!!