Friday, August 18, 2006

Knitpicks shipping

I put in an order from Knitpicks on the 11th. Luckily, they have this brand new feature which lets you track the order. I was really hoping it would arrive by this weekend, since there's a couple of dyes in it. And I've always had good luck with Knitpicks, since they ship from Ohio, I'm next door in WV. There's been a couple of two or three day deliveries.

So two days ago, I saw it was 90 minutes away in PA, and was soooooo excited. I started planning a day of dyeing before school starts on Monday.

This morning, it was updated to show it left PA yesterday morning and went to NORTHBOROUGH, MA. 9 hours away. Huh?

I'm really hoping maybe there is a mistake and it will arrive today or tomorrow.

In actual knitting news... I finally watched Walk the Line and worked a few more inches on my Irish Hiking Scarf. There's two errors which are bothering me (purls instead of knits) but the idea of frogging cables makes me nervous.


catsmommy said...

This is the first time I have ever responded to a blog, and I am trying to do it with two ten-week old kittens who keep jumping in my lap or on the keyboard.

I just saw your comment regarding Stacey & Clinton and had to laugh. I just came from clothes shopping - hate it because I have gained weight - but am leaving for a two-week trip to Alaska in three weeks and need clothes. The entire time I was shopping I was thinking if they would approve of what I was picking out. I don't like some of the things they pick out for people, so I guess we would be even.

Saw your posting on Knitting Novices.

Bernie at

k said...

I was just telling a friend how I am dying to have a kitten but the person I share a house with is allergic. so right now I need to get my cute kitten fix on

I don't care for some of the Clinton/Stacey combos but they have taught me to try on clothes more than I normally would, and how important fit is. I do pay more attention to the clothes I purchase. Plus, Clinton cracks me up. He'd be a lot of fun to go shopping with.

Thanks for commenting!

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

I don't have trouble with them except for the fact that they sell too many yarns I want at prices that fit the budget. Well... DID fit the budget. After 3 shopping trips there I have to stay away for a while. Post pictures of the dying! Too adventurous for old stuck up transplanted New Englander but doesn't mean I don't like seeing it. :)

Sarah said...

Hi, just stumbled onto your blog. I'm a new knitter, been doing it since April and I live in Ohio (near WV/PA) and I recently started The Irish Hiking Scarf. :) I love the blue you are using.