Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Secret Pal 8 Reveal!

I had a deadline for school which I *just* barely made last night- I finished writing my paper 6 minutes before it was due! So I had to wait till tonight to revel in all the SP goodness I received.

My SP sent a wonderful card with her package, which was really sweet of her! The theme for her last package was "fun"- which is awesome because it seems that sometimes I get so focused on other things, I can easily forget to have fun!

What a gorgeous basket filled with goodies! There was a cute little puppy calendar for next year, customized erasers with my name which I love!, a kite kit (just add wind), some super smooth needles and a cute puzzle. Gypsy was eyeing the puppy treats.... she is getting smart about "package for Kaylee = possibly treats for Gypsy!".

The basket held such a variety of promise... from undyed virgin wool and KoolAid for dyeing, to a pretty kelly green yarn which would look so pretty against my coppery hair! There was also plenty of softness- a pretty mohair and two skeins of Hand Paint Original from Lamb's Pride, one a pure black, one a vibrant collection of colors.

There was also a yarn from Belgium... a linen/viscose/chlorofiber (?) blend that is a soft blue and grey color. I don't even know where to start- there's such a good variety of fibers and colors. Wow! Thank you!! (I can't stop touching and admiring it)

But the best part was waiting at the bottom of the box... my SP purchased a recipe book for me, and filled it with some of her own family recipes. It really touched me. Thank you.

Thank you, SP for spoiling me so! I've had a lot of fun with this exchange and I hope you enjoyed it too!

I can't wait to try this cheesecake recipe!! :)

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BJ said...

Glad you and Gypsy liked the package. She looks like she's caused you some of those simultaneously amusing/annoying moments with her mischief.

The kelly green yarn is Lamb's Pride I dyed myself (a food coloring/Kool-Aid combo). The Belgian yarn is an eBay purchase, 'cuz I thought you'd like the colors. (I debated sending it when I saw the state of the ball bands -- not shown on the eBay photos, needless to say -- on its arrival here but decided to go for it anyway.......)

I do hope you have fun with the variety of fibers! I tried to send enough of each one to actually be able to make something from them.

The cheesecake is wonderful..... and very easy to make! My favorite kind of recipe.