Monday, August 14, 2006


Somehow, in the last week, I have lost the One Skein book. I went to look for a pattern (the same one I looked up a week ago) and I have now reorganized all my knitting books, patterns, stash (got a bit sidetracked there, walking through stash lane). Still no book!! I'm not a messy person, but I do have a bad tendency to walk around with books, so I looked in all my usual hiding places (including the 7 packed bookshelves we have here in the house).

I sense an early 'fall cleaning' if it doesn't show up soon. Sooo annoying.


Bagpuss said...

there goes the yarn fairy again! she obviosuly has the 'borrowed' the perfect skein and wishwed to make something nice and thought she'd 'borrow' your book. Hope you find it soon.

k said...

hmph. I thought yarn fairies were supposed to bring yarn!!!

Still haven't found the book and for some reason I am dying to make some cabled footies. (I have no ability to focus on one project, it is terrible) I'm still looking. I probably wandered around with it while doing laundry and its sitting in my linen closet or something unexpected.

The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

What pattern do you need? I've got the book and surprise! I know where it is! said...

What's this about a Yarn Fairy? She brings yarn to all the good little knitters? Kaylee, I see that you're having some success on Destash It. Good for you. I am too, and am about to put up some other items. Hope you find your copy of OS and I join you in solidarity when it comes to never quite staying on top of the organization. I have three locations in my house for stuff to get set down too, very very bad idea. :D