Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The little perks in life

I've had a miserable day, starting with a sleepless night and ending with me not even having enough time to work on some projects I really want to do (socks, scarf), and pretty much being annoyed with my decision to double up on evening classes this summer session, when I could be knitting or dyeing or out in the garden instead.

I know this will pass with a long bubble bath and figuring out why my current projects have me frustrated (veggies socks- this means you!) I was trying to shake it off on my way home but I was still grumpy until I checked my mailbox.

A beautiful card from my SP made my day! I love kanji style artwork, and this was so pretty. I'm going to put it on my desk since the artwork signifies "Knowledge"- a great reminder when I am pulling out my hair asking why I decided to do a Master's degree and work fulltime in the first place!!

Thank you!!

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