Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WIPS: Cookie monster scarf and Booga Bag

I'm braindead, so this will be a quick update with pictures of my WIPs.

Funfur Scarf for coworkers' birthday. Reminds me of Cookie Monster.
I have learned from this that I am not a Fun Fur person.

My Booga Bag- 15 more rows to do and then tackling the i-cord. I've never done one so it should be interesting. Really, I thought the Booga bag would be bigger, I can't imagine the size once it felts.

My Secret Pal contacted me and I contacted mine. I'm so glad that's all sorted out! This should be a lot of fun!

Dove update: It looks as though its at least two baby birds, since there were feathers sticking out both ways from under her. Please note, this is as close as I've ever gotten to baby animals that aren't puppies (and the baby rabbits we rescued from our garden before Gypsy discovered them and "played" with them last year). So yes, I get excited about baby birds, and bunnies. :)

No baby bird pictures yet, but here's my walk down bunny memory lane...

Gypsy wants to play with them!


Nina said...

Your Booga Bag is looking great! I love the color you chose. I'm in the process of one right now too and also was surprised by the size (I expected it to be bigger) but I still think they'll be really cute when finished. Cheers!

k said...

Thanks- I was surprised how much I liked the bright colors- normally I tend to be a bit more muted or richer but not... hot pink and lime green. But it's been fun to knit up!

Flavio83 said...

I wish I could do that Cookie Monster scarf :D Looks so... plushy!


k said...

This is the last cookie monster one I will do! I'll take cashmere or alpaca if I want soft!