Friday, May 05, 2006

Fun fur- not so much fun.

Dear Margo talks about Knitting Etiquette

I took a break the other night to try out the fun fur scarf I'm making for a coworker. The enormous (size 15) needles I handled just fine, but I'm just not enjoying the texture and I feel like it's all over the place. It looks cute and I know she will enjoy it a great deal, but I think once in a blue moon will be enough for me. I have plenty of other projects to do in the meantime.

The only DPN set I could find at Michaels was a size 3. I don't know what size I need so I picked them up anyway. My starter sock yarn takes needles size 1-3s. I had trouble locating any sock sized DPN (or circulars, for that matter) needles at AC Moore and JoAnns, too. I wish I had just ordered some online because I'm not having any luck here.

Knitpicks absolutely rocks- I ordered on Wednesday, received today- standard shipping!


Shelley said...

I love Knit Picks too...though it takes about a week for me to get (because I'm in Canada, on the east coast).

I found it hard to locate needles at Michaels too...could find the 3mm dpn's no problem, but they didn't have much of a selection unless I wanted to pay an arm and a leg for some fancy type ones (which I can't afford).

k said...

I'm in the mid Atlantic area, but I think the Knitpicks order was fulfilled in Ohio. It was a nice surprise!