Saturday, May 20, 2006

Some interesting tutorials

My booga bag is blocked and ready to go! It ended up quite a bit smaller than I expected. I should pay more attention to the dimensions before starting out on the project, but it will be a fun purse to use when I just need a few smaller items instead of everything that is crammed into my oversize tote. I only used 2.5 skeins of the Noro Kureyon and decided to save the leftovers from this and future Noros for a rainbow felted project down the line. It was a fun knit and I'm very proud of the results.

In the course of starting my next project, I was confused: it mentioned dropping stitches, continuing on and then at the end when it is bound off, to unravel the stitches. My mind keeps telling me dropping stitches and unravelling sounds bad, although I've seen the pretty results of these techniques. Thanks to some helpful members of Knitting Novices and a few private emails, I came across the following tutorials which may be a great resource to someone else.

Drop-stitch and felted join

Knitting Tutorial: Dropping Stitches

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