Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vacation, all I've ever wanted....

I'm going to wrap up my spring graduate courses this Saturday, and I will have the luxury of having a whole week off from evening school until the 22nd of May, when the madness starts again and won't let up for 9 weeks. It's not a complete vacation, since I'm sadly still working fulltime but suddenly my evenings and weekends and lunches are my own.

Since January, I've been making a huge list of all the things I would do during this wonderful time- the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Looking at my list, there's no way I'll get all of the things done this year! It's overwhelming- packed with gardening, knitting, organizing, cleaning, books to read, catching up on sleep.

Since this week's supposed to be wet and miserable, the first plans I have are:
  • finish my booga bag (nearly ready to start the i-cord, and should felt this weekend)
  • buy A Good Yarn (hooray for gift cards, and for long leisurely bubblebaths to soak while reading knitterly fiction)
  • watch some movies I've Tivoed a while back with every intention of watching while I knit
  • organize our spare room (soon-to-be exercise room with a closet for yarn stash)
  • start my first pair of socks!
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