Monday, May 22, 2006

FO: Booga Bag

Booga Blocking: After four runs through the washer, I decided to block. Looking back, I'd probably wash one more time to get all the stitch definition out but I was really curious to see how it would look. The booga bag fit around a Cisco networking book, which is thankfully not mine.

Side view: I like having the knits decorate the front of the bag, and using the longer strap as a shoulder strap.It's very neat and compact, fits a wallet and a small noebook in it but not half the junk my current purse does (that's a good thing... my roomier purses collect junk). I wish it was a bit bigger- it reminds me of a cool lunchbag. :)

Front view: I've already got compliments on it. I'm probably going to try a larger variation on it when I get a chance. I definitely love it!

4 comments: said...

Your Booga bag is great! I love the color combo. Great job all around.

I've been trying felting but didn't quite know when to stop and I appreciate your comment about washing until there's no more stitch definition. I'll give my piece one more try before I call it finished and sew it up into a needle case.

Keep knitting!


k said...

Thank you- I hope your felting project turns out great!

Goldendomer said...

Your Booga Bag turned out beautifully. I've been eyeing this project a lot lately. The colors that you chose really make it stand out from some others that I've seen. Great job!

k said...

Thanks! I highly recommend the project, although you might want to look at the larger specs for Big Booga on the Wendy Knits site (