Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working on patience.

I saw that Secret Pal 8 said to check your email for the name of your secret pal since they are starting to send out the matches, so I hurried over... and found nothing.

Drat. I'm really looking forward to my first SP! I love putting together maillove.

In other news, I'm knitting my Booga when I should be studying. I'm up to 35 rows out of 64 on the side, and then have the i-cord left.

(Edited to Add: What a day! I was having trouble downloading a webcast for school from my home, so I went to a nearby restaurant that I thought has a Wifi connection. As it turns out, I wasted an hour because most of the restaurants in that chain have it, but not that particular one.) But while I was on that side of town, I bought the funfur that my coworker requested for her birthday scarf. I'll play a bit with it tonight before I sleep. I've never used needles size 15 before either- they feel like "training needles". I don't think I like the funfur texture for myself, but I think I'll enjoy knitting it for her since I know how much she's talked about wanting this type of scarf for football games. I almost bought DPNs, but I need to find a specific pattern of sock and find out what size I need to purchase.

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