Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finally, some sunshine!

We've had rain and general gloom since last Friday, and finally, the sun appears. I came home and immediately curled up by a window with this i-cord. I'm just not handy at i-cords and this one looks like a 3 year old did it (my apologies to all three year olds reading this blog). I'm starting to be concerned that if I can't manage an i-cord, how will I handle tiny needles for socks.

Tonight is the finale of The Amazing Race and a new episode of Lost which will be TiFauxed and watched later this week. Normally, I don't get to watch that much television but tonight, I have one foot of i-cord left and Suri Dream waiting in the wings. I'm a woman on a mission.

I have been looking for used copies of either of two Noro books: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book, Noro Revisited or Simply Noro, by Jane Ellison. I can't find used copies anywhere, and will probably break down and buy one of them. It may be a while before I can decide which one.

I signed up for the intro to spinning class this weekend, and will be venturing off to my first sheep and wool festival. I wish I could have made the Maryland one a few weeks back since it was larger, but it was during my last weeks of school. I'm not sure what I can learn in one hour, but it should give me a feel for spinning to see if I am coordinated enough to do it. There was a dyeing class as well but I am going to save that for a different day.

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