Sunday, May 28, 2006

Putting together little gifts

I've managed to start socks, and am feeling rather accomplished about it. I had purchased two size 2 circulars for it but as it turns out, the tutorial I am using was for DPNs, so I found the set of 3s I had purchased and wrestled my way through the first part. I'd say I've knit about 1 cm of k2p2 and it's looking ok, except I'm worried that I might have a twisted side, Even though I tried really hard not to. Hopefully, a little farther down will show me I am fussing over nothing. If anything, at least I'm learning how to work with four needles.

I'll try two circulars on the next pair, once I figure out how to work these DPNs. I'm not liking the yarn color so much. Knitpicks called it daffodil, I call it "vegetable medley". It reminds me of the frozen veggie medley of lima beans, corn, cubed carrots and peas. I set it aside for my first pair, and I'm glad I did- it is easy to work with. Just not a color I'd want to wear much.

I spent yesterday making some goodies for my Secret Pals, writing out cards and wrapping up their packages. It's a lot of fun to plan gifts for others- both of mine are so different (from each other, and myself!) that I'm finding it interesting to see what each of them would like, as they knit very different things than I normally would.

Gypsy's ready for Memorial Day to start- I think she thinks the ribs we'll be cooking are for HER!

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