Saturday, March 03, 2007

Upcoming projects

I've come to the sad conclusion I am not making my deadline for the sock a month KAL for February (which was tonight). I'm pretty sure I could have finished my sockret pal socks if I had kept going (I'm nearly at my toe decreases on my first sock) but I stopped that and started some socks for Afghans for Afghans out of worsted weight Lamb's Pride. I'm on the second sock, about to start the heel flap. I'll update with pictures tomorrow.

But with two final projects and assorted other homework due before March 12 on top of organizing an event at work for March 18, I'm going to have limited time. So instead I will focus on finishing these socks to mail out by Monday so they can arrive by the March 7 deadline, and then switch back to my sockret pal socks to finish before March 31. I think I can do it! Sadly, they aren't blue, grey or white for Project Spectrum but they are colors my sockret pal will like, and in a good quality yarn.

I was looking at Project Spectrum's upcoming colors:

April / May
Green, Yellow, Pink

June / July
Red, Black, Metallics

August / September
Brown, Orange, Purple

and I think I have my next few socks mapped out. Starting in April, I am treating myself to the Socks That Rock Watermelon Tourmaline from my awesome Sockret Pal (I can't wait to get closer to starting this... I've been coveting this yarn bigtime!!)

I'm not sure what May's socks will be, but my June ones will most likely be my Foxy Lady SuperGlitz (red, black AND metallic- how cool is that?)

And much farther down the road... either August or September will be the Lorna's Laces my secret pal sent me (in Irving Park) which seems to match the orange/purple/brown theme pretty well!

So I still have some flexibility in the upcoming months, but some idea of what I'd like to make to match the Project Spectrum colors.

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