Sunday, March 11, 2007


Once I get through my finals in these classes and meeting the deadline for my Sockret Pal Socks, I'm going to be starting my organization project. So far on my list is:
  • stash organization: I want to figure out a better system and more importantly, keep myself focused on the projects I have coming up so I don't get tempted to buy the next latest thing.
  • queue up my WIPs so I can actually finish what I start: I tend to put something down and then start something new. I have two half finished socks waiting for me (both of different yarn) and two scarves waiting. And I need to mail out my Dulaan and other charity knits.
  • donating old books: I keep meaning to get around to do this and it never gets done.
  • weeding through my closet: I tend to keep clothes even when I don't wear them anymore and they aren't flattering/in style anymore. And apparently some of my workout shirts have dates on them from when I was in college 1989-1994 because I have received comments when I wear them. At least two favorite sweatshirts from Express from back in high school- I already know those will be tough to retire for sentimental reasons but really they look like gunny sacks on me. I think they were meant to be worn over plaid leggings at the time?? (thank goodness the plaid leggings got lost somewhere along the way)

    Anyway, I'm going to channel Stacey and Clinton and be brutally honest about what I can keep and what doesn't look good anymore (or what looks horrible and never should have been purchased- EVER) That goes for shoes as well- I've got some scary ones I never wear anymore (my old favorites used to be velvet lace ups with ribbon laces and a two inch wide chunky heel that I wore everywhere).


Jennifer said...

I feel your pain...Once our weather got nice, I played Spring cleaning. My biggest advancment was my closet. I pulled a little "Clean Sweep" on it. If I hadn't worn it in a year, it was donated, with the exception of suits and formal dresses...I just knocked those down to a reasonable number (3 suits, 3 formals). Once you get started, it does become quite easy. Good luck!

k said...

I'm oddly looking forward to it- I think I'd like to shed some of my emotional attachments to 'comfort' clothes which really should be retired after 10 years!