Monday, March 05, 2007

A little frustrated.

My Afghans for Afghans socks will not be done in time. I stayed up last night till 3 a.m. in a knitting frenzy and am halfway through the gusset, but I have 2 final projects due, one of which I swore to finish today to give myself a week to focus on the other one. And as much as I really want to finish these socks, I just can't let myself knit with that looming over me.

Plus I completely forgot I am starting a class in latin ballroom dancing tonight, which G just reminded me to be ready for tonight.

I feel badly about missing this deadline but I will finish them ASAP and send them in for the Afghans for Afghans' next shipment out, or I'll send them off with my Dulaan knits. I am proud that they have no mistakes and that I was able to make them from a fairly vague pattern (I'm still at the point where I need everything spelled out for me).

So while they won't count for the current project, at least they will find their way to someone who needs them, and the Lamb's Pride is making an incredibly warm, snuggly pair of socks.

I just wish I had more hours in the day, or that I knit faster.

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