Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally catching up....

This week has been mostly catching up on sleep and trying to organize an event for work which will, thankfully, be over on Sunday night.

I've cast on for my second sock three times and keep having to frog it. Hopefully tonight is the one that takes. I have some time this weekend to knit for a change, and I'd really like to get good amount of Sock 2 done. I have everything else ready for my Sockret Pal except her sock. I still love the yarn and the pattern (except for the frogging). But I wound the STR for my next project and I am curious how it will knit up, so its giving me a good incentive to keep at this sock and finish it.

I did some online shopping at lunch for my Secret Pal and found exactly what I wanted to get. :)

Random thoughts:
  • It's snowing again. 70 degrees two days ago and now it is snowing. Insane. I'm so ready for Spring to get here its not funny.
    • On the bright side, I am wearing my Panache scarflet that my SP9 made me!
  • I'm rooting for my beloved Aggies in March Madness- tomorrow they face Louisville which should be a pretty good game. Gig 'Em Aggies!!
  • Apparently I laugh hysterically when I reach a pain threshold with my trainer (which is rather embarassing due to the acoustics at the gym). My stomach hurts from laughing during my session today. It didn't faze him... I think he gets all sorts of reactions from clients (being cussed out, laughing, wierd grunts, etc).

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