Sunday, March 25, 2007

Patterns I'd like to try...

First of all, I'm going to have to make a few modifications to my Knit From Stash pledge. I purchased some items for me today (darn that online purchasing... makes temptation too easy) but won't use them until I have cleared the same amount of skeins from my existing stash.

Here's some of the neat patterns I've been considering lately, in addition to my socks and bamboo shawl:
One Skein Cabled Footies (*knit from stash)
Lace Tam and Scarf (from today's purchase of Alpaca Silk)
Seraphim Shawl (probably out of Knitpicks Gloss)
Branching Out (*knit from stash)
Some of Trek's sock patterns (*knit from stash- Trek has very cute patterns!)
Fetching (*knit from stash)
Mrs Beeton (*knit from stash)

There's a few others out there, including a Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style- again another knit from stash project :)

And I found a used copy of a DVD teaching Two Socks on Two Circulars, so that will be interesting to learn.

I should be very busy for a while...


Your Sockret Pal said...

I'm sure your pal will be thrilled, no matter how they turn out. After telling me all along that she is a beginning knitter, I recieved my socks from my Sockret Pal last week. They are beautiful, and it is such a thrill, as a knitter, to have someone knit something for you. I have no doubt that your pal will feel the same way.

I've finished your socks and will be mailing the final reveal package soon. I hope you enjoy them.

k said...

Thank you. I feel much more optimistic now :) Only a few more inches left! I have to admit, I have the STR prominently placed near my knitting area to encourage me to finish so I can cast on again.

I'm looking forward to the reveal!