Friday, March 09, 2007

Secret Pal goodies!

I received my final package and reveal from my Secret Pal 9. She packed an amazing box of goodies for me:
  • Cascade 220 in three sea-worthy colors as she called them
  • A small scarf she knit out of Knitpicks Panache which is incredibly soft
  • Some yummy looking cookies which I hid so G and I can enjoy them tonight (except I'm really stressed right NOW and I hope they make it until tonight)
  • A candle which smells awesome- it's orange peel scented.
  • Cozy slippers
  • Some cucumber melon body wash and lotion

The three colors of Cascade go so well together. I'm already trying to figure out what to make but trying very hard to focus on finishing up my school projects due this weekend. But it is such temptation!!

The miniscarf is amazingly soft. I almost wish it would snow again so I can try this out! I need to figure out where to sew on the button she included. I was just thinking the other day I don't wear enough scarves... I always seem to give mine away. So this one will be very welcome next winter.

Thank you very much, Caitlin- what a fabulous package!

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Caitlin said...

I'm so glad it got to you safe and that you like everything. I hope you enjoy knitting with that 220, it's some of my favorite yarn to use. I'm sorry it took so long though!