Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sock Progress!!!

The two circular method is so much easier for me. No twisting! I'd still like to learn how to use DPNs for socks, but maybe once I'm used to joining that first round without twisting.

I'm using a DVD to learn how to do the socks, and its making it much easier. I'm also using the new Knitpick circulars, size 3 (24"). I love these needles!!

I really prefer this color yarn over the other one (amazing how much difference that makes!)

Also: my Irish Hiking Scarf progress:

4 comments: said...

I love your sock yarn (and the sock is pretty groovy too!) and would like to be brave like you and try making socks. I just don't see DPNs as my friends, though, so I was thinking I'd wait for a class at my LYS store. Now I'm thinking, hmm, a DVD to teach me! So do tell, what's the DVD you used?
PS We seem to be using the same yarn for our IHSs (though your product is much better than mine so far). I'm building small errors into mine every so often to keep myself humble. :^)

k said...

I used this DVD:

I tried the DPNS and I tried using the online tutorials, but I kept twisting the yarn. The two circulars were much easier for me and at this point it is pretty easy. But I have not made it to the heel yet.

I was unknitting my errors out of the IHS but I left one in because it was the row right underneath the cable row and it's two stitches along the edge. I'm still debating on working back to it and correcting it. So tonight I worked on the sock until I can decide what to do.

Flavio83 said...

Lovely, lovely... I wish I could make at least one sock! I have only tried DPNs so fare and it's frustrating :(

k said...

This is a good tutorial for the DPNs

but I really needed the DVD to be able to watch everything. I will try DPNs again, once I get the overall concept of how a sock is built.