Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pass the word...

A great cause and a great way to destash (or a great reason to go shopping)

From Mel's website: "Interim House is a 6-month rehab facility, with both in- and out-patient programs. Their social worker has added knitting (and crochet) to the therapy schedule, and it's doing amazingly well."

Please consider donating something from your own stash. For details about this opportunity, visit Mel's blog by clicking on the above button. There's a referral program, so pass it on to other friends, and let her know how you found out about it! (she's also got a wonderful etsy site linked from her blog- gorgeous stuff)

Want to see how the gifts are being used? Check out the Interim House Knitting Blog

I pulled together a little package and will mail it off on Monday.

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