Saturday, July 08, 2006

Before and After Felting

Pre-felting. Instead of making a twisted cord for the handles, I knitted on two straps by picking up five stitches on either side of the flap. I also made a buttonhold instead of the crocheted cord to use with the button.

After felting and blocking (4 DVD covers fit perfectly in here!) there's a small amount of stitch definition but mostly just a soft, nubby texture with a halo from the mohair.

Teeny is right! There's room for a cell phone, small wallet and lipstick.

Now all that is left is to find the right button and sew it on!

1 comment:

Flustered Flamingo said...

Your pal will LOVE that!

I think I have finally got a hold on your super secret present project! I'm excited!

Oh, and look for your next package sometime next week. I think it will go in the mail this weekend.