Saturday, July 29, 2006

Little tidbits...

The tracking numbers say both my packages arrived today to their associated spoilees- my final SP package all the way to sweltering Cali and my teeny tiny tote to my One Skein SP. :)

I visited a new LYS today, which I've been looking forward to because the only one I had thought was in the area was in a different town and was terrible. The hours are inconvenient, the employees are very standoffish, almost as if you were interrupting them, it always seemed hot, dimly lit and dusty. Plus I have to always drive around the blocks once or twice, looking for parallel parking downtown to get there. I had pretty much resigned myself to the local craft stores like AC Moore and shopping online, but sometimes I really miss getting to know other people in my area that also knit. (G is VERY sick of hearing about yarns and projects and colors and stash. He's patient to a point.)

But the new one... wow. So incredibly bright, clean, well organized, friendly. It was a tiny space but just well organized with these luscious yarns nearly bursting out to be stroked and fawned over. The kicker was that she had a project I want to work on (Lady E stole) out of Noro Transitions (which I've been dying to try... not on a Lady E but on a smaller project due to its cost). There were about 5-6 projects that I would actually WANT to do decorating the store. So we talked about classes and how to do socks, how I've learned so far, etc. Very friendly woman and I could easily see myself going there for an afternoon of shopping and knitting (and hitting the coffeshop next door). Oooh and classes each week are $10. Not bad. I'll still do a lot myself due to my schedule but for harder techniques, I'd gladly pay that.

I'm planning on working more on my cables tonight, but... or maybe the socks DVD. I haven't decided. Last night, I cast on for a ballband dishcloth but didn't make much progress (just enough to see the first layer of 'bricks'.

We had gone to a wine tasting before that- eight different sparkling wines and three types of champagne, strawberries dipped in chocolate, other assorted tidbits of yumminess and creme brulee. Heavenly! I came home and decided I just had to knit, but didn't want to mess up my cables. This was simple enough to do before I got so relaxed I nearly fell asleep.

That's one of the reasons I really enjoyed the KUI sticker my SP gave me... "Friends don't let friends knit drunk". So true!

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