Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thank you, Secret Pal!

I received a lovely package from my SP, which was such a surprise waiting for me this morning!! Thank you, Secret Pal!!! I hope your summer's going well!

Inside this package was all sorts of goodies, starting off with a canvas bag with a "ways to tell you are a knitting fiend" list. This is a great size for me to carry with me when I travel next week.

Closer look at the contents of the bag: some awesome Shaker virgin wool in a beautiful shade (close up to follow), a cute bumper sticker about what I would call... KUI... Knitting Under the Influence. A pine sachet with a lobster on it, garden rub and herbs, notepad and even some treats for my pup!

At this point, I had to stop fondling the yarn and take my pictures because Gypsy saw me pull out the snacks and went CRAZY! She couldn't believe her good luck when she saw the dog treats!!

Now that she is all taken care of...
This is Gypsy's "You ROCK, Secret Pal!!" face

Saving the best for last.... Shaker Yarn. Gorgeous texture, and even more gorgeous color. Almost a plummy/black cherry color with all sorts of little variations blended in. It's quite a bit of yarn, so I'll have to find a good project for it.

Thank you for all the thought you put into this goodie package, SP. I love it!

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