Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sock yarn goodness

I broke down and made a purchase of some sock yarn today. I have been making a sock out of Cherry Tree Hill Super Sport yarn and I adore it! However, it's been discontinued and I was so sad to hear that. I found someone who still had some stock left of it in colors I liked, and I splurged. I used the money from the sale of my textbooks (as if somehow, in my mind, that doesn't count) So I'm thrilled that I found it, but feeling a little guilty about breaking down so quickly in my quest to knit from stash. I just had a feeling it would be so hard to find by the time October rolled around.

Last night was productive... I tried my hand at kettle dyeing some sock yarn my Sockret Pal gave me. I ended up with a pretty turquoise/blue/plum skein and a pink/plum skein. It dried overnight so I'll see how it skeins up.


The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Oh, I'm sorry... you considered that breaking the "knit from stash" commitment? How can that be?!? If something you truly love is not going to be available until AFTER that time period ends, you have only two choices... BUY it or have someone else buy it for you. That is *not* against the rules. :)

k said...

I love the way you think ;)

Actually, I just agreed to a couple of evening shifts in Feb. helping out my ex-employer. So in my mind, that will pay for my splurge.

Now I will enjoy the yarn, guilt free. And I would have been very sad if I could not find any later on this year.