Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Knit Mitt Kit!

Yesterday I received an awesome package from my Knit Mitt Kit pal, Terry-Jo! I had postponed writing about it until today since my camera is still not uploading pictures properly. But it would not upload at work, either! So I'll update this with the photos I took as soon as I can get my camera working.

The package was wonderful- the bag she created was fantastic! It was a tiny red felt tote bag with a snowman scene sewn on it, and immediately I put my current sock project in there. There was some yummy chocolates as well, a very nice card, and a pattern for fingerless gloves which looks easy enough for me to try. And then the yarn... was simply decadent. Alpaca/Merino bulky yarn, naturally dyed in beautiful shades of soft blues and lilacs. Incredible.

Thank you so much, Terry-Jo!!

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