Sunday, January 28, 2007

My un-doing

Ugh. My perfect sock is no longer perfect. I followed the pattern wrong around the heel and then tried to tink it back- not the easiest when it's on two circulars and I'm not all that experienced at tinking or frogging. So then I tried frogging it back after picking up the stitches on a lower needle but that did not fare well, either. I'm going to have to frog back to the cuff before the heel flap- which I'm nervous about since I can pick up stockinette stitches fine, but the purl one every 3 stitches or so is giving me trouble. I may end up taking it to a LYS to ask for help.

Instead of dwelling- because right now I am very frustrated, I'm going to make up a list of yarns I hope to try out one day for my sidebar for future reference.

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