Sunday, January 07, 2007

A bit of a lazy weekend...

It's been warmer than usual but rainy, which means naps in the afternoon for me and Gypsy.

School starts again tomorrow. For the first time, I'm less than thrilled about taking two courses at a time and if there was any way I could keep my July graduation date and move back one of my classes, I would. I keep telling myself it is only for 9 weeks, and after that, taking the last two classes (which are required to be one at a time) will be so easy in comparison. My grades are in: A in media, and A+ in PR. When I confirmed these grades there was much rejoicing here because this last session, burnout started to really take its toll. We'll see if the exercise schedule I am following helps this time around.

That means in 2006 alone, I completed 27 graduate hours (9 classes) and am maintaining a 3.89 on top of my fulltime job. I've never worked so hard and there's been times when I'm so exhausted I have fallen asleep in random - and sometimes public- locations. To be honest, I won't know what to do with all my time once I'm out... although being able to knit more than 20 minutes at a time would be wonderful!

Knitting content... I joined two more swaps through Swap-bot (that site is addictive!) and have been making progress on my bag for the Knit Mitt Kit Swap although not nearly as much as I wanted. I had expected to be done with the body and onto the felting step but instead I am planning on packing it into my car and working on it steadily during lunches this week.

I received some more of my last splurges before the Knit From Stash started- they were not many, but spread out amongst different vendors. So I've been getting a skein or two here and there that are specifically designated for projects or gifts (Branching Out, Mrs Beeton, socks for sister, etc). So at least I have specific projects that I can start at anytime without the need to go shop for the yarn ingredients :)

I'm dying to cast on for the Austermann Step sock for my sister, but I'm forcing myself to wait until the actual knitting part of my bag is done. If I can complete the bag and a pair of socks for my sister by Feb. 4th, I'll be thrilled. And next on my list is a pair of socks for Sockret Pal.

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