Saturday, January 27, 2007

Project Updates

I'm trying to turn the heel on my sock and I'm not sure I am understanding the pattern, so it's on hold until I receive an answer on how to proceed. I wish I could get to that point where I logically can figure out what to do when stuck in a pattern but I'm not there yet. I tend to follow the pattern like a recipe until I can really understand the construction and techniques, but once I understand the basic components, I can branch out a bit.

I don't want to make a wrong turn when so far they are looking really nice. (especially considering I had about 4 false starts and frogged a LOT to get these started right). This is my first sock that is not all stockinette, I did a 3 x 1 rib down the cuff. I'd like to try jaywalkers or a pattern sock that would work well with Lorna's Laces (and minimize any pooling) next. Or that gorgeous skein of Socks that Rock I received... I can't figure out what type of beginner sock pattern would work best for the STR.

I tried to start on the Austermann Step socks for my sister but I don't know what it is about 1x1 ribbing- it killed me. So I frogged (again) and set it aside while knitting up these other socks. The idea behind that was that this is sport weight yarn (the Cherry Tree Hill Sport I was raving about earlier) and so ideally they would knit up much faster than the Step. I want to get to the point where I am more comfortable with the lighter weight yarns- I like thicker socks to some extent but ultimately, the thinner ones are my preference. I have some really interesting yarns to entice me, so I plan on casting on some fingering weight yarn on my 1's today while I wait for answers about my gusset issues.

I ordered Spa and Bath Sets to Knit from Frugal Haus. I have some Knitpicks Shine Worsted in coral and reef that I thought might make some wonderfully soft bath mitts /headbands/soap bags, and the patterns in the Spa Set pamphlet looked so pretty with the eyelets.

I'm so annoyed that I've not been able to upload pictures for nearly a month. The dock for my camera was ordered two weeks ago and its still not here. I adore my camera, but this has been a nuisance. I have dyed yarn, sock progress, saturday skies and my knit mitt kit to share. Anyway, my Saturday sky is grey and cold, and the chill has settled into my bones.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry for you sock seems to be going around lately it seems.

~~~sending you good vibes~~~~

I did some Jaywalkers in LL Tahoe (see blog) and they turned out great. THere was a little pooling, but I don't think anyone notices it but me (that kinda thing).

~~~~here's some vibes for your camera stuff~~~