Sunday, April 02, 2006

Making progress!

I finally figured out my April project for Project Spectrum. There's a call for donations at afghans for Afghans They are requesting "bright happy colored" wool hats and booties for newborns and their deadline is April 28- perfect timing for this April project! They are small enough projects that I can finish even with my insane schedule, and I like the idea of making something someone needs and appreciates. And of course, I'd never done hats or booties before so this is a good way to spread my knitting wings.

My first thought, of course, was to immediately go out and buy some yellow and orange wool (April colors for Project Spectrum). But then I decided to make a practice pair first out of my "first attempt at koolaid dyeing" wool since I only have a small amount of it and booties are, well... tiny, and to be sure that booties are within my ability. And my Koolaid dyed yarn is certainly bright and happy!

The bootie is lovely- pictures to follow when I finish its mate. I can't recommend the pattern enough for beginners- it's simple to follow and a very quick knit- and has a very nice texture. And then, as I was about to head out to shop for yellow and orange wool, it dawned on me that I have 3 cones of merino wool ready for dyeing and could surely do a small batch of orange and yellow- so I'll be dyeing and celebrating the colors, and charity knitting as well! There's my game plan!

I'm still working bit by bit on my alpaca knitalong shawl. I don't know if its the lighter weight of the yarn or the smaller than usual needles, but it is taking it's time. I can see how people get bored with longer projects and move onto something else. However, I'm happy to say that I am learning as I go- I've not had a project yet where I made a mistake and repaired it (usually it gets frogged because my 'repairs' screw it up even more!).

But this time, I met with success!!! Part of it (I am sure!) was due to the fact that frogging this shawl after all this effort would make me lose my mind!

I attempted to knit a row past the mistake, hoping it would be so small no one would notice. But it was an eyesore, and so with the help of, I finally figured out what I am doing and it looks so much better! In fact, I'm committing myself to learn how to do lifelines next!

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