Monday, April 17, 2006


About ten minutes after I firmly put myself on a yarn diet(!!), I followed a link from one of my knitting communities and fell in love with a "learn to spin" kit from anniemay123 on ebay. The roving looks gorgeous and I loved the look of the spindle.

I am doing my best to keep things in perspective, thus reminding myself of the following:

1) I barely have time for work and my evening Graduate classes, which means barely any time for knitting by default.
2) I have to learn how to do socks first before I take on anything completely new.
3) I want to learn more about dyeing, too. And felting. And entrelac.
4) I just swore off buying yarn for a while! I am pretty sure that applies to "potential yarn".
5) Self control is my friend. Really.
6) It's for my own good!

Ok, I don't believe the last one but I'm hoping it will sink in. So I've bookmarked it and just sigh over it occasionally. I will learn how to spin one day but I'm pretty sure it won't happen before I graduate.

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