Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Looking ahead...

While madly knitting booties to send off next Monday to afghans for Afghans, I've been fondling peeking into the stash to already plan out my next project. I'm torn between trying entrelac or doing the booga bag. I'm just so curious about how the Kureyon knits up! I know if I break down to knit a swatch, all my good intentions will be long forgotten. So first I'll finish my project and THEN I'll wrestle over what to do next.

I've fallen in love with entrelac after seeing so many gorgeous Lady Eleanor stoles. This last link pushed my mild fascination into a burning "I must learn how to do this!" I was considering a scarf to start with, to get the knack of the technique. But I've wanted to make a booga bag since I started knitting... I think that's probably going to come out the winner.


Tara said...

I have had a scarf using Kureyon on the needles forever!! The stripe pattern is so beautiful and it is wonderful to knit with, but I think I am going to rip the scarf and make a felted bag because it is so itchy! The booga bag will probably be a quicker knit, but finishing a Lady will be way more satisfying!

k said...

I've never used Kureyon and I was a bit concerned about how scratchy it would come out.

I agree, the Lady E would be such a satisfying goal to finish... but at my current speed, I'm wondering if that might be a six month project! I wonder if that might be better suited to a different Noro yarn, too?