Thursday, March 30, 2006

Impatiently knitting...

I'm still working through the Knitalong shawl in red (for this month's project spectrum color). Now it's looking like a kerchief sized for a large troll. I've been trying not to set it aside because I like the idea that I'm a "knitter who is focused and finishes her projects". I really want to be that knitter.

Does that person even exist?

But oh- temptation is lurking around the corner in the form of Kureyon, which I purchased for a future Booga bags (intended as a holiday gift but at my present rate of knitting, who knows how long that will take?)

Now that's its arrived, though... I can't stop looking at it and wondering how it will knit up. I've even tried rationalizing it to myself: Project Spectrum's April color is yellow- see there's yellow in that. Drop everything and Booga in April!

I am weakening, but still trying to fight off the temptations. I need smaller projects that are portable and won't have even a free weekend till May 15. So sadly, I'm packing up the pretty stash and tucking it far away. Maybe I'll try to slowly work through the shawl during lunches.

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