Saturday, April 22, 2006


The electricity went out, so I took advantage of not being able to do my homework on the computer. I grabbed my WIP and headed to the bedroom with the best natural light. As I opened up the blinds, I surprised this cute little bird nest on the window sill (which I feel badly about) especially since she showed me a glimpse of her little family-to-be!

Knitting update: Madly working on a hat to match my Koolaid Dyed Booties and one last orange bootie before Monday, along with assorted homework. I'm feeling pretty good about it, though, and on Monday I am hoping to mail out my donations for afghans for Afghans. At this point, it will be four sets of booties and two hats.

Here's a picture of my first hat ever- with matching booties.

My current project- Baby hat: Doublestranding with my KoolAid dyed yarn with one darker color, one lighter. When I finish up the last of the darker, I'll double strand with all lighter so (hopefully) it flows into the lighter, pastel colors gradually. We'll see.

Edited to Add: Gypsy was jealous that I take all these pictures of yarn and stuff, but not of her! She even posed for me- so here she is, in all her glory.


Flavio83 said...

Just love the orange hat! :) Heh! Really, I love orange!

Fla :)

Lolly said...

I had the same experience today - our power was out and I couldn't work on my paper (due Wednesday) so it was reading and knitting time for me too!

The KoolAid hat and booties are so cute!

k said...

I never thought I'd be excited about power outtages, but I have to grab my knitting time when I can!

I never would have tried these wild colors for baby items, if it had not been for Project Spectrum. Thank you for inspiring me to step outside my comfort zone!

Gen said...

Those are adorable booties!!! Would you happen to be able to share the pattern or is it copyrighted? And if it is, can you point me in the right direction to get it?

Thanks in advance,


k said...

Here you go, Gen!

They were very easy and looked really cute.