Friday, April 21, 2006


Just wanted to brighten my gloomy grey rainy day. My first attempts at gardening from last fall finally showed up in full glory!


Flavio83 said...

Congrats! I also like to combine knitting and gardening :) I have some Iris blooming now :) What I am not sure of is... do they bloom again once they die after a week or so? :(


k said...

I don't have enough of a green thumb to know. Mine have not come up yet, but they may be a different breed and different climate.

I think there are some breeds which rebloom, and I read that the bloom period should be about 3 weeks to a month. Then I found this, which may be of help to you: "A healthy flowering stalk produces 9 to 12 buds on short side branches, and each flower lasts about three days." From

There's a gardening forum at which might be able to help you!

Hope this helps!

Wannietta said...

I'm working on my green thumb since we bought our house last summer. My tulips are coming up as well - yours look awesome!! I love tulips.

k said...

Thank you! Tulips and calla lilies are some of my favorite flowers.

I hope my green thumb is improving- we just put in our summer veggies and some herbs. Not as pretty as flowers, though!