Thursday, April 27, 2006


I love Kureyon! It knits up so fast! I've never used a needle larger than US 8, so my 10.5s are so big it seems as though I am whizzing through it. Well... whizzing is a subjective term- I managed to finish the bottom of my Booga bag but that was more than I expected to accomplish since the workweek is when I am most crunched for time. But for me, that's whizzing.

Now I am trying to figure out how to pick up the stitches and twist it, according to the pattern. I'm not sure how I will pick up stitches on the sides that aren't actually rows, but columns. But I found a discussion on a site that seems to address this. I've not tried knitting in the round and I'm really curious to see how it is.

Actually, now I am wondering if I can finish this and try another one (in a quieter color) for my mother for Mother's Day, and still somehow manage to work fulltime and get through my two classes. Hm. Maybe Christmas would be better- or maybe it's a package perfect for "random package from long lost daughter" Day.

Maybe I should just focus on this project before I start planning my second bag. Oh- for the days where I focused just on one project at a time, especially one I am enjoying so much!!

The bird I mentioned earlier is still happily snuggled on our windowsill. :) I keep peeking to see when the little ones are coming. I love spring!


Shelley said...

I hope you'll post pics of your booga bag when you are done. I've not used that yarn before (and I don't have any of it), but I was going to try a different yarn. Of course there is another bag I want to make (from a magazine) too, so I might just use this yarn for it and see how it turns out first.

Shelley said...

Oh, also, the bird looks like it is a mourning dove. I love to hear them cooing, it's such a peaceful and relaxing sound I find.

k said...

I posted progress pictures, and hope to have a finished picture not too far off!

Thanks for mentioning what type of bird it might be- we haven't seen a second bird, just her, and I don't know different breeds very well other than the obvious ones like Cardinal, Bluebird, Robin, etc.