Sunday, August 19, 2007

this and that....

In order to stay focused on the projects I'm doing, I put each pattern and WIP in a specific bag so I can either grab it when we head out for a long drive, take to work for lunch, have one next to the TV so I don't have to stop and search for my knitting before we watch a show/movie, etc.

So... I'm working on tiny baby socks for Afghans and today I'll be starting my Sock It to Me socks out of Cherry Tree Hill sport yarn in Cabin Fever (my match likes autumn colors). I've also got both my second STR Ampersand sock and some red yarn for a scarf ready to go in my project bag downstairs.

Every time I fill out a questionnaire for a swap, I have to be pretty emphatic about no chocolates or other decadent treats since I am on a highly restrictive diet. But I finally found a no-guilt treat that I absolutely love (that also is permissible on my diet): green olives stuffed with jalapeƱos! These are insanely good and low in calories/carbs, and they are so flavorful that I am satisfied after 2 olives.

I'm in full-steam job search mode, and a bit overwhelmed at the number of opportunities. I don't have children or a current relationship, nor do I own a house so I can pretty much pick up and move anywhere. In my adult life, I've lived in three regions in Texas, California (Santa Monica), Northern VA (DC metro area) and now WV (and I can't wait to leave). So relocating is not a problem but trying to decide where to relocate is a mixture of excitement and nervousness- I don't want to end up in another area I dislike as much as this one. Ideally, I'd love NH but there's a lot of opportunity outside the area that might be a better fit.

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