Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My final grade (and knit update)

I finally heard back from my prof about my capstone project for grad school. It was such a large portion of my grade that until I knew that project passed, I wasn't 100% sure I passed the last class and actually graduated. So it has been the longest week ever waiting for him to grade it.

Then he started to distribute grades... there's only 12 of us in the class so I kept getting emails from other students saying "I got my grade! We're done! Stay in touch". Most of my friends got theirs in the morning and I'm still checking at 10:00 PM and finding nothing. Argh. At this point I start to panic.

Then I get this note: "Excellent job. Best final project in the class." I got a perfect score on the project and an A+ in the class!! And now I know without a doubt I have finished the program (with a confirmed 3.9) It was such a relief because all this time, I have never known how I did compared to others in my class. I'd just like to know how I do against peers at my level, so I can know what I do bring to the table to new employers.

Back to knitting:
I'm halfway through my second sockapalooza sock, and have my yarn picked out for my next sock swap (autumn-y colors). It's another sport weight yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Sport) and I'm debating on making it a set of Ampersand socks because the pattern is so pretty and addictive, or trying something new.

I picked up some Opal 6 ply in a basic black to make G some thick-but-not-boot-weight socks, and I've heard Opal wears well. (I needed something long lasting and easy to care for... he's getting 2 pairs of the same exact socks in case he loses one, he has others that match). It's not the softest yarn but hopefully it will suit the purpose. I think that will end up being my mindless knitting for the rest of 2007.

This weekend (once sockapalooza socks are done), I'll be planning out holiday gift knitting :) It seems so odd to do that in 90 degree weather. I know I want to do some Mrs. Beeton's wristwarmers and one pair of Cookie A's Monkey socks, and possibly this lace tam/scarf set. I purchased the Alpaca Silk and it is amazingly soft.

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